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JP-H0378461-A: Linear motor patent, JP-H0379639-A: Production of p-oriented aromatic polyamide film excellent in adhesion patent, JP-H038029-A: Microprogram controller patent, JP-H0381105-A: Powder feeder patent, JP-H0381683-A: Wave receiver patent, JP-H0381729-A: Liquid crystal device patent, JP-H0381921-A: Thermal fuse patent, JP-H0382550-A: Production of dot printer head patent, CN-1108948-C: Cable connection equipment for bicycle chain regulator and chain regulator having same patent, JP-H0382796-A: Production of chrome plated steel sheet excellent in secondary adhesive strength of coated film patent, JP-H0383466-A: Device for housing video projector on ceiling patent, JP-H0385058-A: Picture storage equipment patent, JP-H0385086-A: Time division switch circuit patent, JP-H0385895-A: Home bus system patent, JP-H0386867-A: Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compound patent, JP-H0387038-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H0387891-A: Fixing device patent, JP-H0388414-A: Limiter circuit patent, JP-H0388622-A: Corrugated container blank stacker patent, JP-H038880-A: Bead wire having electroplated bronze layer and production thereof patent, JP-H0389454-A: Cylindrical alkaline battery patent, JP-H0389635-A: Method for diagnosing private message communication system patent, JP-H0390756-A: Flush toilet bowl patent, JP-H0390779-A: Multi-purpose room provided with shower patent, JP-H0390893-A: Equipment abnormality monitor patent, JP-H0392506-A: Concrete steam condenser for axial exhaust turbine and turbine provided with same patent, JP-H0393053-A: Manufacture of optical disk substrate patent, JP-H0393875-A: Method for attaching masking material and masking material patent, JP-H0395012-A: Horizontal conveyor device for plate-like body patent, JP-H0395240-A: Rubber composition having improved processability patent, JP-H0396490-A: All-terrain travel vehicle patent, JP-H0396563-A: Manufacture of sound-insulating floor material patent, JP-H0396861-A: Rapid detection of site megarovirus patent, JP-H0396982-A: Hologram recording material patent, JP-H0397756-A: Resin composition patent, JP-H0398070-A: Developing device patent, JP-H0398628-A: Cellulosic membrane patent, JP-H04101270-A: N-dimensional data input system patent, JP-H04102202-A: Magnetic field generator for magneto-optical recording patent, JP-H04102796-A: Method and device for repairing pipeline patent, JP-H04103040-A: Tracking mirror driving device patent, JP-H04103153-A: Heat sink mounting type semiconductor device patent, JP-H04103384-A: Heat-sensitive recording material patent, JP-H04103493-A: Digital power control device patent, JP-H04103526-A: Aerosol for skin cooling patent, JP-H04105236-A: Magnetic recording, erasing, and reading system patent, JP-H04106034-A: Paper feeding device for image forming machine patent, JP-H04106699-A: Vehicle operation state management device patent, JP-H0410739-A: Alarming device patent, JP-H04108525-A: Gas separation membrane patent, JP-H04108609-A: Superconductor patent, JP-H04109105-A: Measuring method for angular deviation of polygon mirror patent, JP-H0410911-A: Embossed thermoplastic elastomer molded item and production thereof patent, JP-H04109364-A: Seal impression retrieving system patent, JP-H04109843-A: Commutatorless dc axial fan motor patent, JP-H04109845-A: Outer fan motor patent, JP-H04111168-A: Logical expression method and logical verification method for circuit of switch level patent, JP-H04111177-A: Electronic filing device patent, JP-H04111317-A: Manufacture of al wiring structure patent, JP-H04111747-A: Pump driving control device of coolant equipment patent, JP-H04112547-A: Velocity-modulation transistor patent, JP-H04113071-A: Locking force control device for fluid coupling patent, JP-H04113547-A: Magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H04113863-A: Printer patent, JP-H0411431-A: Digital signal reproduced circuit patent, JP-H04114362-A: Audio signal magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H0411672-A: Coating material for metallic plate, metallic plate coated therewith, and manufacture of coated metallic plate patent, JP-H04117767-A: Picture digital processing compressing device patent, JP-H04117814-A: Pulse frequency modulation circuit patent, JP-H04118245-A: Ink jet recording and ink jet recording device patent, JP-H04118320-A: Blow-out mode controller of air conditioner for vehicle patent, JP-H04118969-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit device and its manufacture and manufacturing device patent, JP-H04120118-A: Preparation of plastic molding patent, JP-H04121107-A: Rotating type lawn mower patent, JP-H04121219-A: Air conditioner for passenger seat patent, JP-H04122424-A: Manufacture of pervaporation separation membrane patent, JP-H04122601-A: Saw patent, JP-H04122759-A: Vinyl chloride resin composition patent, JP-H04123410-A: Transformer patent, JP-H04123521-A: Optical coupling logical device patent, JP-H04124182-A: Production of antibiotic substance 1233a patent, JP-H04124442-A: Ceramics linear and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H04124573-A: Cooling structure for body to be cooled in vacuum vessel patent, JP-H04125529-A: Film driving device for camera patent, JP-H04125686-A: Picture signal processor patent, JP-H04125796-A: Display device for automatic vending machine patent, JP-H04126766-A: Highly transparent silicone oil compound composition patent, JP-H04127007-A: Measuring method and measuring apparatus of toroidal surface patent, JP-H04128040-A: Polyolefinic multilayered film patent, JP-H0412871-A: Printing apparatus patent, JP-H04129101-A: Lighting system patent, JP-H04130212-A: Optical fiber sagnac interferometer for measuring rotational speed patent, JP-H04131051-A: Production of thick malt syrup patent, JP-H04131878-A: Image forming method patent, JP-H04132248-A: Semiconductor device and lead frame for use in manufacture thereof patent, JP-H04132340-A: Multiplex transmission system patent, JP-H04133232-A: Terminating device of selector switch patent, JP-H04136625-A: Heating time-controlling method for oven-toaster patent, JP-H04137729-A: Wafer cleaning device patent, JP-H04137884-A: Method and device for writing video signal to memory patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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